controlling led/uv lighting question?

Ok. I have a HAF X and i'm looking to add a few uv lights inside my case.
But i want the option to be able to turn them on and off.
the case its self has a led switch witch connects to the front fan and is only a 2 pin connector.
The uv lights have a molex connector and a 3 pin fan connector and can be powered by either one.
So my question is, What is my best option to be able to switch my uv lights off and on????
Can it be done via a 5.25" fan controller? or purhaps a on/off molex switch? Or an adaptor that would allow me to plug them into the led switch on my front panel?

Please help.
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  1. if you havent bought anything, check out NZXT (?) HUE, you can control the leds and there are several features as well. biggest thing is that you can change to any color that you want, so you are not stuck with a single color
  2. I have brought some uv lights. because i want my water cooling, fans, cables to light up and react to it at night time. but i also want the option to be able to turn them off during the day without having to unplug them. Any more ideas? I don't mind spending more money on extra hardware.
  3. give HUE a quick look, on youtube maybe?
  4. Cons29 said:
    give HUE a quick look, on youtube maybe?

    I had a look at the Hue on youtube and its a great effect, i like it alot. but its not capable of of the connections needed for my UV lighting.

    Any other ideas?
  5. Actually if i run a 2 to 3 pin adapter, and then a 3 to 3x3 pin adapter i can run the 2 UV lights off 2 of those 3 pin connections and use the other 3 pin with another adapter back to a 2 pin to run my last fan led that came with the case. all with the push of my led button inbuilt on the case.

    Thanks for the tips and help.
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