Why Install fails when AHCI is selected to install Win 7


There are a few thing that have recently puzzled me over the course of installing Win 7 on my Acer Netbook.

The BIOS has Sata Controller as AHCI (default) and IDE. Many say install is quick with AHCI. But all I got was a quick Blue Screen and aborted install. Why?

Secondly. My initial Win 7 install was from hard drive and it took 3 hours to install.

Second attempt with a formatted C: drive and clean install took 12 hours and it failed as install got somehow aborted.

I am back to square 1..

Here is what I have..

Machine: Acer Aspire One D270 Netbook
USB: Sandisk Cruzer Blade 16 GB (Bootable with Win7)..
C: drive ready to be formatted.

How to proceed and have Win 7 installed with minimum time and speed..?

I have 48 hours of spare time (2 days).

I have been pretty patient since it all went horribly wrong on May 1.

Objective here is to test if hard drive is safe and has no issues with data transfer and speed. If there is, ready to have it replaced. Just need to have Win 7 installed. Appreciate the suggestions.

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