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Hello, I want to link up 3 monitors with my sli gtx 670's my 1st monitor main one is a benq 1920x1080 120 hz 3d monitor, i want to get two more monitors which will be Asus LED Monitor Full HD 1920x1080P 60hz i know the asus is not 3d i will not be using 3d apps, what i need to know is can i do the setup with those 3 monitors or do they all have to be the same for good affects?
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  1. note could i just lower my benq 120hz to 60hz in nvdia control panel and in that way have all 3 monitor's running 1920 by 1080 at 60hz so that the setup will work i'm pretty sure it would just would like some confirmation either way
  2. yes you can you setup all monitors as they are full hd to the same refresh rate, oh thank you madcap for answering that
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