gpu heating too much

i have a xfx ati radeon hd 7950 DD its the best card ever apart from the thing that my card heats to 80-85 degree celcius while playing crysis 3,tomb raider,far cry 3 etc other big games what can i do to keep it cool i increased fan speed to 70% then it remains stable at 80 .....???
will underclocking or overclocking reduce the temperature?
now m running at 900 mhz core clock n 1250 mhz memory clock
please help
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  1. The most likely problem is lack of case ventilation-which case do you have and how many fans are installed? Location may also be a partial cause, are you somewhere hot?
    I also have a XFX DD dual fan 7950 and although it gets noisy under heavy load I have yet to see GPU-Z record a temperature over 75C under Furmark or 65C under even heavy gaming load BTW.
    In case anyone cares ;) Antec 200 case, PSU inverted (fan at the top) one 120 m.m. front intake one 120 m.m. rear exhaust, top fan disconnected, side and top openings covered to prevent cat fur ingress.
  2. i hav a circle tornado case with 5 fans n good ventilation
  3. is there any dust in your pc case?
  4. dust i clean it weekly
    if i underclock card to 850 or 800 mhz will it reduce heat ???
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    Although not ideal, your temperatures are within the cards operating range. Keep in mind a lot of it has to do with the ambient temperature of the room you're in. If you're located somewhere were the weather is hot compared to the other poster who said there DD runs cooler that would help explain the difference. You also said you set the fan manually at 70%. If the fan is set automatically it should ramp up as needed to keep the card cool and if it gets to a certain temp it should automatically jump to 100%. While 85 is a bit warm, it shouldnt damage your card. I run 2x Sapphire 7950's. I accidently jammed the fan on one of them (tv card in the pci slot next to it was touching the fan and stopped it from spinning) and had the card overclocked at the same time. My temps hit 90+ and the card kept running fine.

    Underclocking/undervolting may reduce heat but why would you want to lessen the performance of the card you paid so much for.
  6. don't ever underclock your performance. just try to double check your temperature in your BIOS .
  7. thankzzz
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