Overclocking my 9800gt 1gb edition with precision x

I have been overclocking my 9800 with precision x but I've learned it needs to be done slowly. As I go higher should I tweak the voltage? Voltage is at 1050 mV and will only go up to 1075mV. The gpu clock is at 721mhz and the memory clock is at 1021mhz. I tried to go to 800 and 1100 but I notice lines and stuff, is this because the the card can't handle it or it isn't getting enough power? Cause I know it isn't cause it's too hot I'm in my basement and it stays pretty cold down here plus I have a bunch of fans blowing air in and exhausting out, the gpu rarely goes above 70 degrees C unless there's a lot of stuff going on in SC2 at which case it MAYBE goes to like 72 degrees C

Theoretically shouldn't I be able to OC it to the max precision will let me as long as it doesn't get too hot?
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    Yes, but stability comes into play. You have to raise clocks and test it. If it's unstable, raise the voltage. If it's good, raise the frequency, test again. And so on.
  2. it won't let me raise the voltage on precision x

    plus do you know where I can get cpu-z?
  3. can I use cpu-z to test stability or do I need a different program?
  4. The voltage might be locked then.

    CPU-Z is a monitoring program. Unigine's Heaven can help with GPU overclock testing, but the best way to test a GPU overclock is to play some games.


    Heaven (download the latest free version):
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