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Hi folks. I apologize in advance if this is in the wrong section.

Yesterday I purchased a Samsung Series 5 touchscreen laptop (this model).

The laptop features a 24GB flash memory used a ExpressCache. I also purchased a 32GB extra high speed class 10 SD card. I bought it with intentions to use the SD card strictly for Windows Readyboost, as I never use the SD card reader for anything else.

My question is, can I use ReadyBoost in addition to the ExpressCache that the laptop is already configured with? Any conflicts? Or would it just be completely redundant?

Please let me know if I would benefit at all by doing this, and keep in mind I don't use the SD reader for anything else and I have the card already, so if there are no conflicts and I could potentially ever benefit from it, I'd like to use. Let me also clarify that I am aware of what ReadyBoost is, and I do use my computer in ways that I would normally benefit from it. That is not my question. My only question is can it be used in conjunction with ExpressCache.

I appreciate any advice or insight!
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  1. readyboost was never a good idea and I would never recommend using it. It was.meant as a (bad) solution for people who didn't have enough ram in vista. Ram is now cheaper than that card you just bought and far far faster
  2. ReadyBoost has nothing to do with helping systems with low RAM. It is meant to increase HARD DRIVE performance. If you don't have enough RAM, it will help the PageFile (which is using your hard drive), but other than that... it wasn't meant for low RAM systems. It's about the I/O.
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