New fan for R5770 Hawk or possibly new card?

I have a R5770 Hawk, the fans are almost toast. They stopped working completely at one point and i managed to open the fan up to get to the inside and lube it up and that worked for awhile but they are starting to burn out again. I saw this

and it has the same three spots for screws as mine now. But i cant find anywhere that says how fast the stock fans go as i want something similar i think?

Also, I have considered upgrading the card to a 7850. is this still a decent card for the price as of now?
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  1. A better card for the price at the moment would be a GTX650 ti BOOST.

    Separate fans never tend to work, so you will need to at least get a new cooler... BUT...

    Its hard to suggest a cooler for GPUs, they just are not easily compatible, especially if they are not reference design like yours.
  2. Or simply take out current fan and buy a cheap aftermarket fan, put it on your card just like mine. :)
    So far so good, no problem at all...
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    It may work, the fans will run at full speed all the time though, they have no controller.
    Another alternative is to remove the current fans and either stick or cable tie a pair of speed controlled case fans over the apertures-a little crude but very effective!
    As far as I can see Arctic make two coolers that should work:

    Both come with a number of extra small heatsinks for memory and VRM components. Their website has some excellent information on compatibility and provides drawings that give full details of the coolers dimensions.
    Or you could simply (if more expensively) upgrade to a faster card.
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