Do motherboard testers work?

I was looking at this and I was wondering, do they actually work or are they a waste of money? I've never used one before and was considering getting one for work.

What are your guys' thoughts?
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  1. is , don't they have customer review?
  2. rgd1101 said:
    is , don't they have customer review?

    Let me clarify my question.

    I can read the notes on each item,yes. They don't tell me if there is a better solution or if these in general are a bad idea. I wanted a little input on if these are not a good idea, then what is? I have a motherboard that I'm not sure if it is bad, so I'd like a good way to test them in general.
  3. Old saying if the cost is to good to be true, then it is not worth it.

    1) A cheap Digital voltmeter is around $15
    2) This tester will ONLY work, if it works, if the system power is on long enought to get a reading. Ie if powered on and post kicks you out in say 20 milisecs and PSU is disabled - NO WORK. IF system stays powered on long enough to provide a reading (and you can deciper it - Comments indicate very POOR documentation), I'd give it maybe a 20% chance of properly identifing the root cause.

    Bottom Line ( have a preety good knowleges of test equipment) after reading the reviews - Think I'd use the Money and Buy a beer.
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