Wireless Keyboard/Mouse not recognized..

Hi, I do apologize in advance if this is in the wrong place but I could not see another area for it to go in and this seemed the most likely fit..

Basically my new keyboard/mouse arrived today, a Sumvision Paradox 3 sv-k052 wireless setup... Its not expensive, its not amazing but I was hoping it would do the job... I put the batteries in, hit connect on the base of the keyboard and plugged in the usb receiver.. Got an error message saying it could not install and when I checked out the problem it said it was an unknown device.. I then uninstalled the current keyboard/mouse thinking that maybe the issue then tried reinstalling again.. No luck,. Reinstalled the old ones and they worked fine (well besides the fact the mouse freaks out and clicks buttons on its own accord and swaps the functionality of the buttons whenever it pleases to!)

Took it into the other room and plugged it into my other pc and it installed and worked absolutely fine first time, didnt need to press connect or anything... Unplugged, brought it back to the other and still no luck...

I have checked the sumvision website and there are no drivers for this available so I cant even try and manually set it up and now I am at a bit of a loose end as to what on Earth I should do next.. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. Wow, I solved it myself, apparently the wireless usb thing didnt like being plugged into the front usb ports, plugged it into the back and it installed first time... Very strange!!
  2. i have the same set and the only work in certain ports for me is only the one on the front
    summary : strange keyboard and mouse only for last resort
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