Strange colours at startup

Hi people, just built a new pc and its not the first time I have built one, id like to think that over the years of doing so I have come to know exactly what im doing. Maybe not!!

I have an elite 430 coolermaster case, asrock extreme 3 motherboard, 2x4gb corsair vengeance ram, 2 hard drives one is 1TB the other where the OS runs from (win7pro) is 250gb all sata to the board, dvd sata, amd fx piledriver 8350 cpu, (bent a couple of pins when installing the chip but straightened them out and all seems fine, machine posts ok. Radeoun 7850 graphics card. think thats it. Oh and a corsair 700w 2013 edition psu.

On the odd occasion when i boot up i sometimes get a blue screen saying something about windows will shut down to save harm from my system, then the screen goes bright green and then that disappears to black and then nothing.

I reboot and i go into safe mode and all seems fine. Exit and reboot again into normal and all is fine again, until the next time, whenever that may be!

Any ideas what it could be guys?

I've spent alot of money and i'm getting a little concerned now.

Hope someone can shed some light, i'm freaking out!
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  1. your computer shutdown to prevent from getting damaged. if next time the problem insist, go system restore and see what happens
  2. Sorry but don't understand what you have said.
  3. Run memtest86 for several passed to test RAM.
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    I mean that your computer shutdown to prevent anything damaging your hardware so you can use again. If the problem comes again, try use system restore to revert to the last time setting.
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