How to send just a few emails at a time to a large group in Outlook 2010

Hey all,
Using Win7 64 and Outlook 2010... I have a large group (over 500 contacts) that I need to send a single email to a couple times a week. If I make the email and select all of then and try to send it, I get a response back from yahoo saying it's spam or something like that and the message does not get sent. If I sit here and select 10 contacts at a time and just keep resending over and over it will work fine.

So, is there a way to select the entire group and send the email but only send to like 5-10 contact every 10 seconds or 1 minute or something like that?

I was looking at the Delay feature in Outlook but it just delays the entire message to everyone and ships it out all at the same time like usual.

Thanks all for the help!
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  1. Use a different email provider other than yahoo. If you have like 500 customers or contacts that you're trying to contact weekly, you really should get more professional and get away from a yahoo email.
  2. by definition that is spam:
    2. to send an unsolicited e-mail message, often an advertisement, to many people

    Google's lets you place up to 500 addresses in the To:, Cc:, and Bcc: fields combined.

    Yahoo Mail limits you to 100 addressees, with a maximum of 10 in the Bcc: field

    Windows Live outlook (formerly Hotmail) limits you to 100 messages per day

    a good cheap solution that may give you a bit more flexibility,
    although when my clients mass mail like that some times Rackspace will warn them about spamming.
  3. actually already have a gmail account... is there a way to setup Outlook to send from the gmail account but look like it was sent from the website account (which is through Yahoo)?
  4. Yes getting it setup through the gmail account is no problem... my issue is that when you send the email the "reply to" that the customer recieves is through that gmail account.
    Where at in Outlook can I switch the reply to back to the Yahoo business account?
  5. let me rephrase that... not only the Reply to but also the From, i.e. the senders email address, i need it to be the Yahoo account instead of the Gmail even though it's being sent from the Gmail account.
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