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Need some advice about mbo selection, like is there a way to use i5 3470 graphics together with h77 mbo's as "second" video output resource .. so, when I'm on 2d enviroment i5 graphics enables, and when on 3d existing gtx560 enables? .. I do read about virtu mpv, but I'm not sure about motherboard support .. ga-h77-d3h would be enough? or z77 is better choice even not all z77 are virtu mpv supported .. suggestions?

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  1. Both the H77 and Z77 chipsets have no onboard graphics (GPU) capability. They use the HD graphics built into whatever intel chip you purchase to put on the motherboard to provide video.

    What Virtu MPV seems to do is take untapped memory and CPU cycles and dedicate them to a “virtual” GPU. This augments the HD graphics at the expense of other functions. It works with dedicated graphics cards as well (D mode).

    The big difference between the two motherboards is that H77 has very limited overclocking capability. Z77 overclocking options are more varied and easy to use.
    Your question should be “do I have enough processor to support this app?”
  2. I dont need mbo onboard graphic, i5 3470 have one, also there's dedicated gtx 560 .. problem is with virtu mpv h77 motherboard support, also overclocking capability not needed, for me at least
  3. The ga-h77-d3h specifications don't list virtu mpv as being featured on the board. However you can buy the software directly from Lucid (lucidlogix.com). The H77 is a scaled back version of the better Z77 chipset..
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