Help with high pitched noise from Thermaltake water2.0 performer & temps

Hello everyone,

I need some help with my new build. I have a Sabertooth 990fx R2.0 MB with a AMD FX 8350 processor (not Overclocked at all) - 600 watt corsair PSU & my CPU cooler is the Thermaltake Water2.0 Performer. There is a loud & extremely annoying high pitched noise that seems to be coming from the radiator fans that came with the water cooler; however, the noise could also be coming from the water pump - it's hard to pinpoint.
When I put the fans on silent operation the high pitched noise is still there & almost as loud as when the fans are on turbo.
Should I try to replace the fans? What else could be the problem?
Also, I'm thinking about taking the pump off the cpu & applying better thermal compound because my cpu idle temps are 35C with ambient room temps at 22C - do you think that my idle temp is normal for this processor?

Thank you guys - I'm new at building & really the only thing that I'm having problems with is that annoying noise -I'm a musician & I record with this rig so I need it to be as quite as possible.
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    Have you stopped or disconnected all other fans one at a time to ensure it was narrowed down to the radiator? If it's not the fans the only other thing I can think of is the pump itself.
  2. Stupid things make me happy: exact same issue using same mobo, CPU, PSU and cooler. What video car dare you using??

    Too bad about our builds, tough... :??:
  3. I ended up taking a chance & just replacing both of the fans with Corsair High Performance fans - now my computer is as silent as a whisper in space lol.
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