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Hello Friends,
I am in bit of a confusion here. I have 2 kinds of fans used for industrial unit cooling. The current fan is nearing its obsolescence and I am looking for a new fan with same or better specifications to replace the older fans.
Following are some specs.

Old Fan:
Rated Speed: 4300 RPM
Air Delivery: 19 CFM
Static Pressure: 0.18 inch - H2O
Rated Current: 290 mA

New Fan:
Rated Speed: 3900 RPM
Air Delivery: 19.07 CFM
Static Pressure: 0.095 inch - H2O
Rated Current: 260 mA

Below is my opinion about the new fan, please correct me if I am wrong.

Rated speed: Slower than Original fan but doesn't matter as long as CFM ratings are better.
Air Delivery: New fan has better CFM
Static Pressure: : I am not able to figure if the rating for the new fans is worse, same or better than Older fan given other parameters.
Rated current: Better.

ALso, The form, fit and function of both the fans is identical.

Any and all the help would be highly appreciated.

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    Consider static pressure how "strong" of a flow the fan can produce. Higher is better.
  2. Hello Wiggbot,
    Thank you for your response. I got my confusion clear.

    THanks again
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