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My uncle wants me to order a tablet for my little cousin so he can play games. I have no idea on what a good tablet at his price range is. Anyone have any recommendations? Just has to have a camera and be able to play games.

This is what I found: Lenovo A2107

Would you say its good enough?


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  1. Nexus 7
  2. Randy Appo said:
    Nexus 7

    But that starts at $200? :(
  3. I wold spend a bit more on this

    Also you can get a 9" Nook Tablet for about $150. I bought one for my wife and it's very good.

    All good for Netlix, YouTube, Hulu, etc... as well as games.
  4. i like it very mush,All good for Netlix, YouTube, Hulu and so no
  5. I've been interested in getting a Blackberry Playbook:
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