Battlefield 3 not running on good settings

Hi, I recently downloaded battlefield 3 on PC and it will only run smoothly on low settings 800×600 and I do not have a clue why. My system specifications on my PC are:
Intel core i3-2120 LGA1155 3.30ghz dual core
ATI radeon 5450 512MB Sapphire Graphics card
Asus P8B75-MLE motherboard
Windows 7 home premium 32bit OS
I forgot to say that I have a 1TB Hard hard drive
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  1. those are very close to minimum requirements. i wouldn't expect your system to pump out much more
  2. What upgrades would you recommend for me?
  3. These are the system requirements. I think that if you maybe went up to a ATI Radeon 7770 GPU you would see significant improvement. It all depends on what your budget is.

    I guess I should have asked first did you ensure that all your drivers on those components are up to date?
  4. I'd recommend upgrading the graphics card first, although I will say that that CPU will struggle with large maps with a lot of things going on around you. if you're not sure on how much power your power supply can give out or what cables are free an AMD 7750 may be a good choice as this doesn't require any 6 pin power cables which the larger cards do need.
  5. Well I have just recently built this computer myself for the first time and I am only 15 and I really wish I knew that I needed a better graphics card before hand, but before I sent this a question, I saw a YouTube video of a guy playing bf3 on high settings running smoothly with the same processor and graphics card as me.
  6. Dont believe everything you see on YouTube. Honestly with that low level GPU you are lucky it is running at all. That card isnt for gaming no matter what anyone says. Id go with a 7850, youll see a ton of improvement, and get some free games to boot with the Reloaded promo.
  7. How much is the 7850?
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    Look on Newegg. They have tons of em.
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