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After building my new pc, I installed my os and drivers into my SSD and all the games and other programs to my HDD. Recently my computer froze, so i turned it off, and when i turned it back on everything on my SSD was gone(the Mobo driver and the GPU drivers) so i assumed it crashed so i then reinstalled windows and the drivers again in to my SSD. All the programs and games in my hDD are fine they are still in their. So my question is how do i get my programs in the HDD installed again? Would i have to delete the files and redownload everything from the website into the folder again?

Also, im really curious where did the, "sample music,videos,and pictures", came from? did it come from installing windows?

Also, if you guys don't mind walking me through with my problem through skype feel free to add me on skype


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  1. You're probably going to have to re-install all of your programs too.

    Most of them write entries to the registry which won't be there unless you re-install them. Some programs will work but not all of them...
  2. i just edited the question to "How do i reinstall the programs that i had in the HDD again? If i need to reinstall all the programs, how do i get rid of all the programs in the HDD, since i can't "Uninstall" Them.

    btw do you know how i got, sample pictures, music, and videos from the library folder?

    I also appreciate the quick reply!
  3. You can't uninstall an application that hasn't been installed. The program folders may be there, but the application hasn't been installed into the new install of windows. Either install over the existing application folders, or delete them first and then install the applications.

    the sample files are from windows.
  4. Simple....I do this on every build .... why later.

    Just install the programs over themselves in their original folders. This will retain all customizations as install wont overwrite newer files.

    Typical build method:

    1. Install HD to SATA 1 .... install OS on its own partition (same size as SSD), run windos update, install drivers,
    2. Install programs on D:\
    3. Disconnect HD data cable to SATA 0, install SSD .... repeat step 1 for SSD
    4. Turn off and reconnect HD
    5. Boot machine and relabel the OS partition to something high in alphabet like X:\. Rename Programs partition to D:\
    6. Install programs over themselves to set up registry on SSD.
    7. Make backup image of SSD on HD.

    Now if ya SSD gets fudged again, you can simply boot to the HD, access the SSD image from step 7 and restore it.
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