Weird Blue Screen problem.

Hello everyone!

I have an older Studio 14z laptop from Dell that I bought about 4-5 years ago. I recently decided to upgrade it a bit and put in a new HDD and stick of memory. After putting in the HDD and restoring it with an image of my old HDD and when booting up the PC during the "Windows Starting" screen, it freezes. A Blue Screen then appears for a split second and the computer reboots.

When the computer reboots, it goes to the screen where you can choose to do a system repair or to start Windows normally. First, I went the system repair route first and no errors show up from that. When I go the start Windows normally route, Windows loads perfectly fine and I can work on whatever I want normally like before the HDD upgrade. I did restarts multiple times and Windows loads normally when I did those too.

When I turn off the laptop and turn it back on, I get the blue screen for a split second again, it reboots and goes to the "Windows did not start properly screen" and I choose start Windows normally and Windows loads normally and works perfectly fine.

I've never really seen anything like this before and would appreciate any help that can be provided on how to fix this issue.
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  1. Looks like I resolved it. I just had to update a driver. After installing the driver I shut down and turned back on the laptop three times in a row and the Blue Screen stopped showing up.
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