CD/ Drive won't read disks with Windows 8 beta

I downloaded the Windows 8 consumer preview on a Dell Precision 390 from XP, and I am now trying to upgrade the OS. I have a Windows 7 disk, but the drive will not read any newer disks. For example, it will read a disk from 2002 but will not read the Windows 7 disk or newer computer games. I tried getting new drivers but it says the drive currently has the most recent drivers. Will transferring a different CD/ DVD drive from another computer fix the problem? Or, can I save the OS from the disk onto a flash drive, then install it into the Dell?
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  1. Are you trying to read a DVD on a CD drive?
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    You need 32 bit drivers for the cd/dvd drive if your OS is 64 bit.

    Some cd/dvd drives after 2006 had minimum 8x and could not read cd or dvd burnt at a lower speed.
    You'd otherwise need to acquire a cd/dvd drive later than 2006 at least.
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