ASUS VG248QE, How to enable 144hz? and is it compatible with ATI Radeon HD7850?

If anyone knows or has experience with this monitor please let me know!

I went looking for drivers for the monitor and I stumbled upon Nvidia 3d Drivers. I am not an expert at computers but I recently purchased an HD7850 and I need to know if I will experience issues because of this.
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  1. Hi, I have Saphire Radeon 7850 1GB and VG248QE. You have to use a DVI cable to get 144hz (I think DisplayPort also supports this but can't confirm it), HDMI won't let you go over 60Hz. The display is awesome, i upgraded from a 19" 60Hz Samsung S19B150 and I love the difference. Enjoy it.

    Edit: Lol i just realized this is an 8 months old post. sorry for late answer :D
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