EVGA GTX 680 crashes on 100% TDP. Normal?

Okay, now when I am playing demanding games i.e. Crysis 3, Bioshock, and any other title that makes my card max out on TDP, the card crashes with "OpenGL 3 has crashed."

This is agrevating, is a GPU crashing at 100% power normal? I gave it more power (132%) in EVGA Precision, no help.

Q: Are you sure it's the GPU, and it's temp isn't an issue?
A: Yes, ARMA 2 and 3 run great due to my overclocked cpu, my gpu is on a vacation basically. No crash. Ever. Must be the GPU. Also, the temp is 71-75c. Normal. <-- Edit: Arma is intensive on CPU only.

A: 800w Golden

I've tried many drivers. DriverSweeper.. what else could it be?

My golden question: GPU's crashing at 100% TDP, normal or is it the card?
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    Not a very good PSU.... I'd run OCCT and monitor voltages and temps to see what the bother is
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