Intel SRT 64GB SSD to many writes?

Hi everyone,

My understanding is that Intel SRT in Enhanced mode only host's my most frequently used stuffs + OS etc and does not cache writes. It seems that even after a few days of repeated usage of the same few games etc, it still sees fit to show up about 20GB's of write on my drive about everyday for the past week. Assuming 5k writes and 0.5 write amplification etc, I should be fine for a long while to come but it's still a worrying issue as I've chalked up about 500GB's of write so far...

Is this due to the cache constantly changing it's data or it due to the cache doing write through and that showing up in it's write (because I did more some big files around)?

EDIT: Does anyone know how many p/e cycles the nand is rated for? ( I based my math off of 3k)
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  1. SRT isn't like turbo memory's application pinning. Most cache systems will favor recently accessed files and not track long term frequency. Enhanced mode just makes sure your HD has a full copy of your file system should the SSD fail. It won't prevent writes to less frequently accessed files.

    You didn't specify what SSD You have, but 3K is a good estimate for modern NAND.
  2. It's my sig ADATA SP900 64GB

    Hmm I might over provision my drive more if this keeps occurring, that'll probably drop the number of writes as well as increase it's endurance
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