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I bought a new graphics card yesterday (Radeon HD 7850) and a new power supply for it (Thermalcare M550W).
It wont work with my old CPU (1.83 Ghz) and motherboard... For whatever reason, i'm really new to that hardware thing :)
So i decided, that i would buy a new mobo+Cpu.. Which one are compatible with my new GPU? Shouldn't cost more than about 300 Euro.
Soory for my bad english :)
Thanks for the Help !
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  1. any board with 2.0 X16 & above with do for gpu .

    which site you prefer to buy from so i can guide
  2. First off.. Thanks for the quick reply !!
    When you say 2.0 X16
    Thats the PCI E ? (Blush) ^^
    Well, I'd like to buy from
    Any Site suggestions? I'm from Austria, so shipping from the UK would not come in handy :D
  3. no clue
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