Amd radeon hd 6670 + Psu 550w?? Please Help

hello hi guys
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  1. You english is hard to understand. If you talk spanish, PM and I can help you out easier. But if you do not let me tell you that the HD6670 will work, but it will be risky because your porwersupply does not comes with security standards as some of the best brands out there. You may get the PSU and run your games for some time, but remember, anytime soon that PSU just wont keep it up and may blow up. Damaging most of your parts. A better deal is to get a good PSU, from a good brand, the Cosair CX 430 is a good begining for your build.
  2. first, a comment about your psu. it is weird that the 5v has higher rating than the 12v which is more important than the 5v. im guessing that your psu is not good.

    with that, i would say that you save up and get a better psu. it might be able to handle your current setup but i won't recommend it. so do it at your own risk.
  3. sorry for my bad English
    but I read many threads here and say it works with 300 watt???
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    It's clear this is not a good quality PSU! It's highly recommended that you ditch it!. Any 500W rated 80+ bronze unit from seasonic, Corsair, XFX or Antec will be more than enough by far to power up your system. Your system won't even require 500w or anywhere close to that but it's preferable to have extra room and PSUs can live for many years so you can even use the same PSU in the next build.
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