120gb SSD as main drive with 1TB HDD as secondary drive or vice versa?

I just got all my parts in the mail. I am wondering if I should put my OS on the SSD with room for a few games/programs and use the HDD for files/etc. or put the OS on the HDD and put all my games/programs on the SSD? Please answer and thanks for everyone's time :D

My build (if it helps):

AsRock Extreme 4
Intel i7-3770k
Gigabyte GTX 670
Corsair 16gb
WD Black 1TB
Kingston HyperX 3k 120gb

Again, thanks guys and gals :)
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  1. Here's a method for best of both worlds

    Install OS to SSD
    Move all windows default file locations to HD
    Move e-mail storage to HD

    Install 1st game Ya wanna play to SSD - to C:\[Game1Name]
    Install 2nd game Ya wanna play to SSD - to C:\[Game2Name]
    Install 3rd game Ya wanna play to SSD - to C:\[Game3Name]

    Then let's say you wanna play Game 4 but worried about space and ya not playing Game 2 that much lately. Open Explorer and cut / paste the folder [Game2Name] from C:\ (SSD) to D:\ (Hard Drive).

    Install game 4 to SSD

    If ya get nostalgic for game 2, just cut / paste it back

    Back when I had my Palm Treo, we used an app called PowerUp if I recall correctly or something like that by which we'd designate what programs we wanted to store on a SD card instead of main memory. When ya clicked on a program icon where the program was stored on the SD card, PowerUp would cut / paste it from the SD card into main memory, and when ya cloised it would put it back, all transparent to the user. Why no one has developed this simple program doe OC's w/ HD / SSD combos is beyond me.
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    You're going to notice it the most if you put your OS on the SSD.
  3. OS and programs on the SSD.
  4. Just remember not to fill your SSD - you can put some of your most used programs on the SDD but put the rest on the HDD. Create a "Program Files" and "Program Files (x86)" on your HDD too so that you can keep track of them.

    Do you really need the extra speed when opening something like MS Office?
  5. I don't really need that extra tiny speed but I know how much it cuts game loading times and rendering time so. So, can I install windows 7 onto my SSD, sony vegas, photoshop, cinema 4d, arma 2, bf3, will fit on it right? and then use HDD for all my files and etc?
  6. Thanks all!
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