Need advice on building a Gaming PC

Hello everyone, I'm kinda rookie on this stuffs and I've been planning on building a gaming PC for quite sometime and I was wondering if you guys could give me some good advice on this budget $800-$900 I know maybe it isn't much but is what I have lol and I don't care much about playing ultra since I could maybe upgrade later on.

I'm planning on playing this games:
Guild Wars 2, Dungeon Defenders , Skyrim, etc.

Btw sorry for my English if I wrote something wrong and Thanks in advance :)
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  1. Will you be needing Operating System, Keyboard, mouse, monitor, etc?

    EDIT: Also do you have need for a BluRay drive? Or just a normal DVD Drive
  2. 2 things, do you need a monitor, do you need an OS, do you need a keyboard, do you need a mouse?

    assuming that you DO need those things, we're looking at about 650 dollars to work with for the build itself. maybe 675.

    in that case, you basically must do an AMD build. they are the leading budget performers.

    this is what'd I'd do on 675 USD
  3. don't need: keyboard, mouse, monitor
    need: dvd drive and OS
  4. I've already got a pretty good build lined up, I'll have to fine tune it in a few hours as I am incredibly busy at the moment.
  5. it's ok, I'm in no hurry, thanks ;)
  6. okay, in that case:

    100 more for an OS

    I upped the CPU, added a decent CPU cooler so you can do some overclocking if you like, and left the GPU the same, because honestly I cannot suggest spending more than that on a GPU this late in the cycle (new cards are coming out soon. get one of those if you can wait)
  7. That's very interesting, seems cool enough. I've been looking everywhere like crazy hoping that I don't make any mistakes xD
  8. plus that GPU will run anything on the market now at high to ultra settings.
  9. complete shit compared to what I posted. the computer I posted would have twice the gaming power.

    see, that computer (the ebay one) has a really powerful CPU. but it's the graphics card that matters, and that is the lowest end graphics card you can get dedicated (I think)

    sure, it'd run your games, but it's befitting of a 400 dollar budget, not 900.
  10. also the PSU (power supply) is most likely trash. PSU brands are iffy, there are a select few brands that you'll want to buy from (all of the good brands use seasonic parts or copy seasonic designs, and you have as seasonic PSU)
  11. I see, that's good to know
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