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Hi, my problem is this, i have an intel dh55tc mobo paired with an intel 650 i5 cpu. Everything was normal, until the day i decided to change the stock cooler. I took out everything, i placed the cooler (xigmatek aegir sd128264), i put everything back on, and tried to post, but to no avail, no beep no post no video. Since that moment i have tried almost everything i have found regarding that problem.

To be more specific. I have removed the mobo from the case and im running it from atop its cardboard case. I tried post with just the cpu and its fan (no memory) and, as expected, the bell chant 3 times, indicating a memory issue.

I placed various memory sticks in various slots, and the cpu fan starts and stops every couple of seconds with no beeps and no video.

I removed the cmos battery for a few minutes, put it back on, the same. I tried boot it with the jumpers at the configuration choise (2-3), the same.

Only when i remove the jumper completely (recovery status), the fans stay on, but still no beeps, no video. I tried to update the bios using a usb, but nothing happened.

All the above was performed with and without the gpu (palit gtx550 ti), and the stock cooler

Im currently running of ideas, so anything would be usefull

One thing that caught my eye was in shortstuff_mt's post http://
If you get the long beeps, add a stick of RAM. Boot. The beep pattern should change to one long and two or three short beeps. Silence indicates that the RAM is shorting out the PSU (very rare)

Mobo: intel dh55tc
Cpu: intel core i5 650 @ 3.20
PSU: L&C 600 Watt
Gpu: Palit gtx 550ti
Ram: DDR3 2* OCZ3g16002gk 8-8-8@1.8v 1gb (each)
" 2* Corsair cmv4gx3m2a1333c9 ? ? 2gb(each)

Edit: I forgot to mention that, at some point i managed to not only boot, but start the windows normally, but when i shut it down to put the rest of the rams, the problem appeared. I tried to replicate it (cpu,fan, one ocg ram at the channel A dimm 1 slot, using the intergrated vga output, OS HDD), but nothing.
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  1. Hi, I guess that there are some bent pins, but it's just a guess. I suggest reseating the CPU and checking the socket for bent pins.
  2. Thanks for replying. I have tried that allready, and to be honest, all pins seemed bent, but in a pattern ( two patterns actually). Is this normal?
  3. The patterns are normal. Look for one, two or more pins that look different than he ones around.
  4. I checked it again, and found a couple that deviated from the patterns. I used a small tweezer and fixed them, still nothing. Is there any chance of permanent damage? As i said, the buzzer beeps, when there is no memory attached. Only when i place one, the silence returns.
  5. Have you tried each slot and different RAM modules?
  6. tried all 16 possible combinations. I managed at one of them to keep the fans on all the time, but still no beeps no video. In the end, when i tried to replicate it using the same ram at the same slot, it didnt worked
  7. Are you testing with the stock CPU cooler or with the new one?
  8. The stock cooler, and without the gpu.
  9. Hard to say what's wrong (board or CPU). Are they still under warranty?
  10. Im not sure. I think i bought both of them one year ago. But something tells me, that they wont take them back.
  11. I have a question, how exactly does the bios recovery via usb works? Do you simply place the .bio file into the usb, remove the jumper, connect the usb and power it up?
  12. hhmm, well that's what i have done already, but nothing. The fan works, no beeps, no blinking from the pled. Anyway, thanks for your help. I'll take them to technician to test them individually and see which part is faulty.
  13. You're welcome. Please post back the result.
  14. I finally found a working pair of 1156 mobo/cpu, and the culprit was mobo. My cpu worked fine with the other mobo, but when i put the other cpu on my mobo, same thing happened.
    So, i decided to buy a new set of 1155 socket, instead of buying a new-old mobo. And these are what i have decided to buy:

    CPU: Intel Core i5 3470 (s 1155 , 3.2 GHz , 6 MB)
    MoBo: Gigabyte Z77-DS3H (s 1155, Z77, DDR3)

    I may decide to OC them in the future, but not anything hardcore. Just a slight upgrade :) . Will they do the trick?
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    They are fine, but with Haswell on market... if the budget allows it.
    Or wait for a month or two... I think prices will go down soon for Z77 components.
  16. I'll think about it. Btw, thanks for your help
  17. You're welcome. Good luck!
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