Can I still use my system without on-board graphics?

I'm in the process of building my first system. I am planning on buying everything, (except the graphics card, I'm planning on getting that in a couple of months) now. So my question is this:

Does it matter if my mobo has on-board graphics or not? And if not, can I still use my system with a monitor?
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  1. A video card is required to post the system. If you are not getting the dedicated video card till later then the motherboard/cpu(most integrated chips are on the cpu now and require a board that supports it) will have to have to have an integrated video solution.
  2. What chip and motherboard? that will determine it.
  3. Well, I know for sure that I am getting an FX-4300. But I can't find a board with an AM3+ socket that has on-board graphics. I probably won't be putting in more than a video card. Could you guys give me suggestions as to the best motherboard solution that would have on-board graphics?
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