I can install 7 but not XP?

Hi, very frustrating problem I have with this laptop I received. It is an Acer Aspire 4720z. I have tried 3 different file sources to get an XP ISO working with this, none have been working. Every time The install is finished, I restart and it tells me it cannot find the OS (I forget the actual error, maybe it was corrupted or something like that? I have windows 7 on it at the moment and don't want to risk losing it all together). I have used ImgBurn on disks, and WinUSBMaker on USB drives, both have the same problem. ImgBurn on a Windows 7 ISO worked perfectly. What is going wrong here?
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  1. Did the machine originally come with Win7 or XP?

    If it came with Win7 there may not be drivers available for XP.
  2. In BIOS, set SATA mode to IDE/Legacy. Windows XP does not natively support AHCI.
  3. Either change the sata mode a s mentioned above or use nlite to slipsream the ahci/sata driver onto an XP disc.
  4. I did use IDE mode and that is the error I get unfortunately. The machine came with vista and I am attempting to fix it. 7 Is "ok" to have it be finished, but I would be much happier putting XP on this for them.
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