A good gaming system for a college guy who doesnt earn much ? :P

Motherboard - Asus M5A 97 R 2.0 ( inc tax 130$)
Processor -AMD fx8350 ( inc tax 230 $)
Hard drive -1.0 TB sata hard drive ( SEAGATE) (inc tax 80$)
RAM - 2 x 4.0 gb DDR3 ram
Graphics - HD 7770 1 gb (inc tax 140$)
Cabinet - cooler master elite 311
Power supply - cooler master 500w

monitor - some 18.5 inch viewsonic.

( take note , i live in india , so these prices are the cheapest available , i asked around )
total cost ~820$ or Indian rupees - 42000

so tell me guys , am i getting ripped off or was it worth it? and can it play good games at decent settings and by that i mean a medium to high ( not ultra high) and is it good for video editing ? I do make simple movie/videos using after effects . so did i do good :D? haha and please be kind
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  1. Thats going to edit videos really good. I would suggest going down to a 6300 cpu and putting the money you save into a better gpu maybe a 650ti boost if you can get them in your country. Also cm makes horrible PSUs try to get corsair, antec or seasonic at about 450-500w.
  2. I agree with thdarkshadow on the psu, although cooler master does not make "horrible" psus, they are not nearly the same level of quality as a corsair or seasonic. If you can find a corsair psu for around the same price, buy it, because it will last much longer and also have better efficiency most likely.

    On the note of video editing though, I would suggest that you keep with the 8350, as the extra two cores will help you considerably speed wise, but, if you would rather have a considerable amount more gpu power, jump down to a 6300 and try to find either an AMD 7850 (the 2gb version not 1gb), or if you can find one, a gtx 650ti boost. The 7770 is a very weak card and will pull few frames, even on medium settings.

  3. Yeah they arent logyais bad but they sure aint no corsair. I tend to exagerate so Honestly i would say cm is a midrange brand :)
  4. Yah, I agree, when you see a logysis 500 watt psu for $30, and not on sale, you know that it is a piece of s**t. Lol :)
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