I'm looking to buy a graphics card for a gaming build (I will be playing Skyrim, BF3/4, BO2, Arma2/3, Minecraft, etc. I found the Gigabyte Windforce GTX 670 and the EVGA FTW Signature 2 GTX 670 and I can't seem to find many reviews comparing the two. I've heard the Signature 2 is more powerful but the Gigabyte has better cooling. Which one is better?
Thanks in advance.
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  1. id go with the EVGA one. gigabytes one is good but they cant be overclocked properly. so id get the evga sig2
  2. I'm leaning towards EVGA because everyone says they have the best customer support. The only thing that concerns me about it is that I've read it has no memory or voltage regulator cooling. Would that even matter?
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    Id grab the Asus DCII or MSI PE, I have gotten my highest OC's with this cards

    Gigabyte Windforce has 6 phase VRM

    EVGA SC has a 6 phase VRM - 9443 3D mark,23.html

    MSI PE 670 9875 3D mark has 8 phase VRM,24.html

    Asus 670 DCII has an 8 phase VRM - 9839 3D mark,23.html

    EVGA FTW has an 8 phase VRM
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