Only X: boot section left after crash in Windows 7

Hard drive: 2,5" Seagate Momentum XT 500GB

Yesterday I was attempting to start Excel and was met with an error saying "There was a problem sending the command to the program" and shortly after that Windows froze completely. I decided to power the laptop off by pressing and holding the power button down until it switched off.

After this I can no longer load Windows. It automatically goes into the recovery console where it fails to resolve any issues. The first time it spend several hours on this. Now it spends a few minutes before failing.

It is not possible to see any previous restore points as the recovery console displays an error when this option is selected.

The only visible part on the drive is the 30MB partition called X:\BOOT

DISKPART can't find any fixed disks
BOOTREC can't find anything at all

I then moved the disk from the laptop to a docking station and connected it to a Windows XP machine.
- I can see the hard drive under Device Manager
- It is not visible under Disk Management
- Seagate Tools can see the hard drive, but the drive fails all tests
- DMDE 2.4.4 constantly throws a WinError 23. Data error (cyclic redundancy check) and shows everything as 00 00 00 00.
LBA0: Disk identifier is 00000000h
MBR Signature (0xAA55): 0000h (zeros here are red)

So my question to you guys is:
How the heck could this happen, and is there anything I can do to rectify this?
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  1. Sounds like your drive just died.

    As with any electronic part they can die at any time with no warning.

    Hopefully you had a backup of at least your important files.
  2. So after posting this I stumbled over a firmware bug called the BSY bug which can cause a similar behavior. In order to determine whether this is actually it or not, I have created a thread on Seagate's forum where any futures readers can go to if they to have the same issue and find this thread.

    Seagate forum thread:
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