Sapphire Hd 7870 XT vs Asus Hd 7870-DC2TG-V2 or Hd 7950

So as the title said i'm intrested in those cards.

My system:

- I5 2500 (non k version ) CPU
- 8 Gb (2x4gb) Kingston DDR3 memory
- Club3D Hd 6770 1GB GDDR5
- Asus P8H61-M LX2
- Corsair GS600W
- Sharkoon t28 case

The question is which hd 7870 is better at performance and cooling?
I know Xt version is tahiti and memory clock is 6000mhz but does it really own asus top card? If i want to OC it later which one more reliable? I read about asus reach easly 1300 Mhz engine clock and still keeps cool.
By the way these two cards on the same price.

The second question: Should i wait and save some money for Hd 7950? Because i don't want to change every year. Heard that Hd 8000 series coming out the end of the year but to be honest if they released those cards they will be extremely high price and i have to wait another half year or year to buy it on a good price.
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  1. Ohh i forgot the prices:

    Sapphire Hd 7870 XT with boost --> 286$
    Asus Hd 7870 DC2T V2 --> 283$

    Sapphire Hd 7950 vapor-x 370$
    Asus HD 7950 DC2T V2 377$

    Anyway wihout seeing my second question about should i waiting for hd 7950 please answer to my sapphire vs asus hd 7870 question. I'm really instrested in those comparison, or experience or tests which help me decide. If those hd 7870 price going lower than maybe i can't wait anylonger so i will chose of them.

    Sorry about my bad typing hope everyone will understand .
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