Need a little help.

So I missed a huge detail when setting up my computer in my room... I don't have an Ethernet port in my wall. The only one that is upstairs is being used by my dads computer so I am wondering if there is some sort of an adapter that I can buy that splits the connection since my brother uses my dads pc all of the time.
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  1. Buy a router.
  2. Would the router work if one is already downstairs?
  3. What is the router downstairs? Is it wired or wireless?

    If it's wired do you have the ability to run a cable to your room?

    If it's wireless do you have a wifi card in your computer?
  4. Is the router connected to the modem? If so, then connect your Ethernet cable from your computer into a LAN port.
  5. Downstairs in a panel in my dads closet is a modem and the router for the house internet. All of the ports on the back are full because they are going to 2 tv's, a blue ray player and to a wall port upstairs for his personal computer.
  6. Sounds like you're either going to have to get a router with more ports or disconnect one of them. You can also daisy chain another router in...

    There is no such thing as a "splitter" for networking.
  7. There is a Spliiter, its called Hub .
    Connect it to router and you can connect tv's and stuuf to it aswell.

    You shud find it if you search on internet for Network Hub
  8. The one in the panel downstairs is a netgear n600 dual band wireless gigabit router. Could I plug an old linksys wireless bridge into the back of my pc and use that?
  9. Yes. You can connect a router into another router also called daisy chaining. A hub is a good idea too, but it's not a splitter. There is no such thing as an Ethernet splitter.
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