What is an SSD and why should be coupled with a HDD?


I would appreciate some help in relation to my first PC build. I am hoping to install a Barracuda 2TB HDD and I've been told that an SSD would make a fine partner for my HDD. I don't mean to sound ignorant, but what exactly does an SSD do and why should I buy one? Will it increase the performance of my PC, and if so, how?

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    Why Use a Solid State Drive?

    Solid state drives have several advantages over the magnetic hard drives. The majority of this comes from the fact that the drive does not have any moving parts. While a traditional drive has drive motors to spin up the magnetic platters and the drive heads, all the storage on a solid state drive is handled by flash memory chips. This provides three distinct advantages:

    Less Power Usage
    Faster Data Access
    Higher Reliability
    If you have Windows 7 installed on an SSD rather than a hard drive, your PC may boot up in seconds rather than a minute or so. Doesn't sound too impressive? Calculate the number of times you boot your computer in a year, then add all the times you move or copy files, or save large videos or photos, and you'll be shocked at the amount of time you may be able to save. Nowadays, I think every PC should include an SSD period. They’re waaaaaaaaay faster and they draw less energy, but unfortunately they do cost a significant amount more than a traditional hard drive.

    Those who have some extra budget laying around, I’d definitely suggest going with a 128GB Samsung 840 Pro or 256GB Samsung 840 Pro in combination with a 1 or 2TB Hard drive. This will allow for plenty of hard drive space for storage while OS and application files may be placed on the SSD for that extra top notch performance.
  2. Solid State Drive.

    The pc and OS sees it as (mostly) a regular hard drive, but it is wayyyyy faster than a traditional spinning hard drive.

    If the budget permits, do it. You will be pleased.
  3. Imagine hdd that uses memory chips rather than spinning platter and mechanical parts, faster, less heat and electrical usage and these days a must for the O/S.
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