Upgrading PC need help! (gaming)

Hello all!

I'm new here and have read a few posts and have seen some great feedback, Unfortunately i lack any good knowledge of what works together for a pc upgrade!

Currently i have:

Biostar GF7025-M2 Motherboard
AMD athlon(tm) 64 X" dual core processor 4600+
2 x 2gb memory
ATI Radeon HD 5670 graphics card
230gb HDD (shame)

Looking at upgrading the motherboard and processor as these are what struggle the most, running programs with any decent speed! Aswell as the HDD (it's embarassing). Graphics card is fine for the moment may possibly want to upgrade but currently and for the for-seeable future i am fairly skint!

Any advice would be fantastic!
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  1. What is you budget?
  2. Budget would help, otherwise we cant really suggest anything.

    Though I will say, it might be worth just building a new computer outright. By the time your done upgrading that one, a new computer is basically what you will have.
    New CPU requires a new Mobo which requires DDR3 RAM. Chances are that HDD is IDE (as well as your optical) so you will need a new one. The new motherboard and HDD requires a new OS install as well.
    Depending on the age of the PSU, its probably worth replacing that as well, if it even has the connectors to hook up a graphics card you might get later on.

    Basically, to upgrade one thing will have a domino effect and youl end up with a whole new rig anyway.
  3. I knew I forgot something haha! Teach me for posting before bed! And I suppose I could manage £200 a month so if I bought it in stages?

  4. We're not psychics here. 200 what? What currency system do you use? What country do you live in?

    I suppose you can upgrade in stages.
  5. for gaming your going to need to get another 4g of ram to go along with a cpu and mobo if your looking to play any up to date games. u could prob play wow but not much else.
  6. As man of chalk has already pointed out,upgrading will have to be the whole nine yards.
    Fill this out and we'll be able to help easily.
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