More RAM or New Video Card?

I currently have a gaming desktop with a Eight Core AMD FX-8350 overclocked to 5.0 GHz (Liquid Cooling), 8 GB Kingstion HyperX RAM, a Zotac Zone GT640 2 GB Graphics Card. My question: Which upgrade would be better- (I can only do one) a new Radeon HD 7870 GHz Edition 2GB Graphics Card or 8 GB more HyperX RAM (So I would have 16 GB) I mostly play games, but occasionally do Photoshop work.
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  1. Graphics card, the low end Keplers are pretty horrible performers even by low end standards. 8GB is plenty of RAM for gaming.
  2. What card would you recommend (For under $300) that supports multiple monitors. (2 1080P)
  3. For around $300, the HD7950 is a great buy. Comes with a bunch of AAA free games as well.

    Or if you really mean under $300, then a HD7870. ALso comes with free games, just a bit different to the 7950.
    This ASUS card is a very good deal, haven't seen aftermarket 7870's go this low before.
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    Agree, adding more RAM will not help, upgrade your current card to better one is the solution, you will see big performance increase going from GT640 to HD7870 or better... :)
  5. Just to mix it up a bit(personally id go for the 7950 considering I did lol). Im going to have to suggest THIS. Not really a recommendation as Ive never used Nvidia products, therefore I cannot attest to their performance. Just saying its worth noting, if it was me though Id go for the fact a quick search reveals This Gem which with 10% off and a twenty dollar rebate makes it the same price as the 660 ti. Dont do ram, just do graphics for now id say your set on ram for awhile.
  6. Hey porter, the 8gb is enough for gaming. So it would be the video card for your selection :)
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