dvi to hdmi problem with nvidia 9800gt

I have an nvidia 9800gt that i am trying to connect to a samsung led tv via dvi to hdmi cable. in my nvidia control panel it does NOT let me select what type of connector i am using, and has vga listed for both my tv, and the monitor i am using currently (an old lcd using a dvi to vga adapter). it may be as simple as finding drivers that lets me change this, but i have used the most recent, version 266.58 and ones from 2010 (when this was my main computer) and none would allow that.

the tv will work fine during booting, even loading windows, however as soon as it should go to the user account screen, the tv will lose signal. it also works fully when booted in safe mode, although there i believe it will not let me use full 1366x720 resolution.

apologies if i left out any info, i'll be happy to add more. thanks
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  1. so you mean that you can to the safe mode with no problem but only to the account screen and the tv will lose signal?
  2. yes, when i boot in safe mode it'll work fine, including the account screen and the desktop past that. when i boot regularly, it'll get past bios, show the windows loading animation, then lose signal right when the account screen would be coming up.

    have tried both dvi ports, leaving tv unplugged til the comp is on the desktop, all sorts of resolutions all at 60hz, nothing worked tho
  3. do you try to use your onboard card and see if you can connect?
  4. i dont have onboard video
  5. try to bring to the nearest tech store to have a checkup.
  6. go into safe mode, uninstall the current driver then install the latest nvidia driver 314.22, if this doesnt fix the problem, scan your PC with an updated antivirus, if this still doesnt fix it, you'll need to do a clean boot of windows
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