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Hello there!

I'm out for some advice on a new build. My parents' Dell has crapped itself, and they've asked me to build a new computer for them.
Budget is as low as humanly possible.
The uses of the computer will be internet browsing/ebay/email and some youtube. Maybe some iTunes in there.

I've come up with this build - any suggestions?

Motherboard AsRock FM2A55M-DGS $58
CPU AMD A4-5300 $52
RAM 4G Single 1600 Kingston $30
HDD Seagate SATA3 500G $54
Optical SATA DVD RW Samsung $19
PSU Corsair VS350 $39
Case Coolermaster RC371 $41
OS Windows 7 64 bit $93

Total $386

I'm from Melbourne, Australia, and can shop at,

Thanks for all your help in advance!

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  1. Maybe you want to ditch the dvd reader, if it's only for going on the web? Also, do you already have a monitor/mouse/keyboard?
  2. Looks like you figured it out, good build.
  3. Best answer
    instead of seperate cpu and motherboard, how about this
    (i am not familiar with those websites)
    great for surfing
    also you can use cheapest smps because this system will consume less than 50w including hdd power consumption
  4. Thanks for the replies all.
    I ended up going with the original build and it's worked a charm.
    I had to have an optical drive to install Windows. Keyboard/mouse/monitor was already present.
    Those combo mobo/cpu look like a really great idea! I had a look and asked about in the Aussie stores here, but nobody stocked them unfortunately. They would have worked wonders otherwise!
    Thanks again folks.
  5. any time :)
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