How do I know if i need to increase voltage on my HD7850?

Im running:
Saphire HD7850 oc
Amd FX-8350
8GB G.Skill ram
750w SeaSonic PSU.

Im playing round with over clocking my graphics card with trixx(it runs fine at full specs on overdrive, 70fps bioshock infinite ultra preset, 40-50 degrees Celsius. )

I was wondering
  • how do i know i need to increase vlotage
  • what is a safe temp
  • what is safe voltage

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  1. well increasing the clock, when you reach a certain level sometimes you have to bump up the voltage. at what speed? well there is no one answer to that as each chip differs, even those of the same model.
    usually, when it is unstable, it usually means its not getting enough juice.

    safe temp, safe voltage, you will have to google a bit, it differs
  2. You need to bump up the voltage once your overclock becomes unstable. You can do that or tone down the OC.
    I would try to stay under 85c, and definitely stay below 90-95. That shouldn't be a problem with your gpu. My 7950 runs under 70 in most games with an 18% oc.
  3. I wouldn't let it exeed 80C, and realistic maximum voltage is 1.225v. Increase clock until it crashes, increase voltage until it stops, repeat. Its simple.
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