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i have a raedon 5850 graphics card. I am running 2 benq 24 inch monitors as an extended display. one monitor is running hdmi (monitor) to dvi(GC) and the other DVI to DVI. i was wondering if it is at all possible to run as it I but also to add a 3rd monitor (HDTV) as a duplicate screen (not extended and keep my settings with the extended display with my 2 monitors.
I hope I have been clear in what i am trying to achieve thanks for all help in advance
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  1. You will need an active display port to DVI adapter to connect the third screen. If you ONLY want to clone them and they are the same resolution you could probably use an HDMI splitter.
  2. Yes you can and you can switch it back and forth to extended desktop too. You will need an $30ish active adapter on one of your monitors to have 3 monitors. make sure you have AMD's newest Driver and you will see a lot of monitor setup choices. You do not have to set up an eyefinity display setting, just choose Desktop management and disable one display ( your TV ) then from instructions:

    Duplicate Desktop—If there is only one available display, it is automatically selected for the duplicated desktop and no further action is required. Otherwise, select the appropriate display and/or desktop and click Apply. ((Otherwise) this part applies to you! )

    Your are effectively selecting which of the other two monitors you are going to clone or duplicate to the TV and clicking apply turns on the other monitor, your TV, to be the other clone.
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