planning to buy cpu cooler (asus p8 z77 m pro)

planning to buy a cooler master v6 gt..
will it fit?
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  1. The cooler will fit but you need buy the low profile RAM, also you maybe need move the RAM into the 2nd/4th memory slots.
  2. i already moved my ram at the 2nd/4th slot.. what do you mean by a low profile ram? sorry noob here.. im using ripjaw x rams..
    and i got a 2nd prob.. will it hit the 8 phase power design thing at the left part of the board?
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    Actually you don't need move the RAM, as long as the RAM is low profile then they will fit well. Look at the picture only ( I don't know that language) in the review.

    Or you can turn the cooler 90 degree you can use any RAM like the other review.,6.html
  4. thanks for that screenshot! thanks man
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