GT 640 vs. 9600 GT

Ordered used 640 gt from amazon. Currently own 9600 GT.

Is it a good upgrade? how much fps boost am i going to experience?
Thanks in advance.
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  1. The 640 is comparable to the AMD 6670. I upgraded from an 8600GT 512MB DDR2 to a 6670 1GB DDR3, and my framerate more than doubled.

    Dunno 'bout the 9600GT, but its safe to say that it will be a nice upgrade.
  2. you will see a high boost but i wouldn't recommend GT 640,how much is your budget? try to get a radeon HD 7750
  3. you'll see an upgrade, but you should have got a 7750. the 640 isn't even the min level gtx card for actual gaming. it's mostly a glorified HTPC card.
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    It should be faster, but nothing amazing. GTS250, GTS450, GTS550 (oops, I mean GTX550), 5750, 7750, etc would have all been better choices.
  5. A good GFX upgrade is at least 3 tiers high (if the rest of the system can support it).,3107-7.html
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