Gigabyte radeon hd 7950 tahiti pro vs gigabyte radeon 7970 3gb

How different in performance are they? How much change of fps? Can the 7950 oc to the 7970's level? Anything about them that's different?
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    both cards can be clocked to the same 1100+core/1500+mem. all new cards have locked bios with upped voltages. that being said, yes, at around 1125/1525 a 7950 will perform at bone stock 7970 levels.
    at $250 the 7950 has a far better performance/price value.

    if your going to be gaming on a single 1080p monitor, their is going to be no difference between the two cards as they both will be able to max out every single game to date except maybe crysis 3 where you can squeeze some higher AA levels out of the 7970.

    i personally have an msi tf3 7950 at 1150core/1550mem on a locked 1.25v bios and i game on a single 1440p monitor and can max out bf3, ultra modded skyrim, bioshock, crysis 1,2... only crysis 3 has to be set to a mixture of medium/high for smooth performance. also at 1440p, AA levels can be dropped a little as most will agree the effect cant be seen
  2. Which one is more future proof? I am looking to game on max for the next 3-5 years without upgrades. Will the 7950 last me that long or the 7970? Additional info, i am getting the ghz gigabyte edition, which has core clock speeds of 1.1 ghz. Also, the xfx edition has core clock speeds of 1.05 ghz. How much better is the 7970 xfx from the 7970 gigabyte?
  3. To be honest you should wait for the next round of video cards as they are not far away and should provide a 12-25% performance jump over the current cards in each price bracket. The small differences between the 7950 and 7970 aren't enough to make either card future proof. Both should perform much better than the xbox infinite/ps4 per specs and both cards will benefit from the pc optimized coding/architecture that both new consoles and cross platform games and their respective ports will be built on. Since all will share the same architecture, games will instead be coded for and on pc and THEN ported to the consoles, they way it should have always been.

    The differences between the xfx and gigabyte are nill and will both serve you well. I would be more concerned about fan noise under full load. You should check around the web, has a 7970/7950 owners thread that will be more in depth about which brands become the from runners. For the most part, most enthusiasts prefer the cheapest reference design that can then be waterblocked in the future.
  4. As i said, i am ordering the part on or near after August 9. If the cards take long after that or cost more than $450, i am unwilling to pay for them.
  5. The new nvidia 7xx series is the one i will wait for. If their performance is Better than the 7970 and the price is near that range, i will buy it, not otherwise.
  6. Wait for the 770 coming end of the month. It's Nvidia's counter to the 7970 so should provide better performance. Hopefully it's priced as competitively. If so, definitely get that as you dont have to worry about AMD's Crossfire issues when you decide to add another card for SLI in the future.
  7. I am waiting for the 7xx series to trump my 7970 ghz. If it does not, and not at the same or lower price, then i will not buy it.
  8. i would expect each of the top two tier cards from both manufactures to come out at a 399 and 499 price like usual and stay that way for about two months until backstock on older gen cards are pushed out at even lower prices than we see now. if you can wait, now is the time.
  9. Nvidia's next cards are supposed to be re branded kepler chips. The 6xx series will drop a spot in the 7xx series. So a 760 = 670, a 770 = 680, etc. Also the price is supposed to increase. If these speculations are true there won't be much of a difference.
  10. I am waiting for N770 as well. if there is no brand-new features through card makers, I probably will stick to gigabyte's card with triple fan cooler.
  11. Yeah, the new cards are still the same as the others. But they are still awesome. Thanks for the answers
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