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I have a Cooler Master Stryker Full case and was wondering if there is any where you can buy a replacement side panel with a full window without to much modding as im looking to purchase a water cooling setup and want to put it on full display.

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  1. you can buy the windowed side panel

    might help if you said what country you are in

    but heres europe

    edit--heres usa
  2. was hoping to try and get a bigger panel like this
    but if i cant that will help il just have to mod it myself.
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    there are people who will do it for you

    but whether its worth the cost is up to you

    these people will cnc it to your spec and apply the window

    dont know if they are uk only
  4. cheers
  5. welcome

    and heres their facebook page where you can see some of their work
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