Update BIOS but BIOS version not change.

I have the motherboard form early 775 era from Asus. I want to update bios to newer version. Of course, I have P5AD2 Premium but in BIOS it show P5AD2-E Premium and I try to flash it's BIOS to P5AD2 Premium as original.

In these cases I use AFUDOS to flash BIOS, It has no problem or warning, but when I restart my PC, BIOS has only reset but BIOS version not change!

On my other motherboard from that era, I try to use EZ-Flash but have the same thing as BIOS not Update version, but when I use Asus Update, it's work.

But on my P5AD2 Premium, I couldn't use Asus Update because Asus Update not allow to update BIOS of other model in same PCB. The only way to get origigal model back is flash using AFUDOS or use BIOS update machine (use in computer fixing center).

Could you tell me how to flash BIOS P5AD2 Premium that show itself as P5AD2-E Premium to an original model.
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  1. Why do you want to revert to P5AD2 Premium? And I wonder how was the -E Premium BIOS flashed on this board.
    You can order a BIOS chip and replace the board's one (it's on socket) or use a programmer (a local shop should help).
  2. Oh no! You're never heared P5AD2-E Premium BIOS Flash on P5AD2 Premium.

    I want to revert it because I think it will bring some problem in future and it not its own.

    From your comment, that mean the only way to flashback is get help from computershop.

    Thak you.
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