How to setup Raid 0 and windows 8 on a desktop using 2 velociraptors.

i have 2 300GB velociraptors blank and I want to setup Raid 0 on them. i am starting fresh so i dnt need to transfer any data etc.

I was wondering how to install it, and would it work with win 8? I dnt have any OS yet.

My motherboard is asus p8h61-m lx2. If you could give me a link to download raid as well i would be very grateful.
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  1. I do not believe your motherboard supports onboard RAID.
    If you want to run hardware RAID, you will have to buy a RAID controller card.
    I just want to toss this out there too, by the type of questions you are asking, I would suggest that you not worry about trying to run RAID, and I would never, ever for any reason put my OS on a RAID 0 array. I would suggest to you that if you are determined to use these 2 drives and this motherboard, install the OS on 1 of them along with your most used programs, and use the other for storage and less used programs.
  2. Your motherboard model does not support RAID. You could set up software RAID, but I would just use the 2 drives separately.

    Here's a link if you want to set up a software RAID-0 array:
  3. Ah, thanks guys ye saved me alot of trouble! Will definitely use this site more often if i need advice. Thanks again.
  4. Yes, software RAID is an option, but the reason I didn't mention it is because its not really RAID. It is more of a form of drive spanning, and for people looking for the performance of a true hardware RAID 0 array, you won't get that. But it will combine the drives and show them as 1 large drive, after you get booted into Windows.
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