passive dp to vga adapter for eyefinity setup

Dear all,

I have a radeon hd 6670 (sapphire) card and I am concedering to set up a eyefinity.
My setup will look like this:

(port 1 - hdmi) -> hdmi screen directly (resolution: 1680*1050)
(port 2 - dvi) -> vga adapter -> vga screen (resolution: 1680*1050)
(port 3 - dp) -> vga passive adapter -> vga screen (resolution: 1680*1050)

My video card drivers are up to date and my graphic card supports dp 1.2 and eyefinity.

Now the qeustion is would this setup work?


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  1. I have heard conflicting reports as to whether or not passive VGA adapter allow for the use of Eyefinity.

    That being said, active adapters leave no question, so I would and will always recommend the use of an active adapter when trying to use more than 2 monitors.
  2. I have learned from experience, if you want eyefinity on three monitors, one of the monitors has to be on an active dp. Also, you really can't game that well on a tri monitor 6670.
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