Sabertooth 990FX R2.0 Beep Issues...

Running BIOS 1503.

Everything is running fine, from what i can tell.
Upon clearing the CMOS / RTC RAM, the system will boot, seemingly POST, and then beep / chrip.

Every boot after the initial one yields no beeps / chirps.
The rest of the system seems fine, boots to windows.

The HDD HAS been hanging occasionally, but i'm beginning to suspect this has more to do with the the power scheme in windows, which is fresh, and which i haven't modified yet.

It seems to become active again with mouse movement, or just on it's own. I only mention this on the off-chance it could have some bearing on the beeping issue.

Help potentially appreciated!

Cheers :)...
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    The beep is normal, if there's a case speaker attached.
  2. alexoiu said:
    Is quick boot in BIOS set to enabled or disabled?

    It WAS!

    I disabled fast boot and its been chirping like a bird since. Happy to find out that it's a feature and not a bug. Thank you!
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