Is it worth to upgrade from an x4 965be to an fx-8350?

I use my pc only for gaming and i already have a hd7850 1gb graphics card. Im getting low fps in games like battlefiled 3 (maxed out in fullhd;~30fps),tribes ascend(also maxed out,fullhd,~50 fps) and even in tf2 sometimes my framerate drops a little.Im thinking of upgrading to an fx-8350 or a 6350 to gain some more fps, but i dont know if it will help much.I dont want to waste my money for a 5 fps improvement.

Thanks in advance for the help.
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  1. If it is only gaming I would stay put and just overclock the 965 to around 4GHz.
  2. I recently jumped from a 965 @ 4,336 Mhz to an FX8350. Depending on the game there can be very little to a huge difference.

    BF3 multiplayer and Far Cry 3 showed about a 10% improvement going from my 965 @ 4,336 Mhz to a stock FX8350.

    Crysis 3 was a huge jump in performance, over 30%.

    Here are a few 3DMark benchs that I did with both CPUs and a 7870XT.


    8350 @ 4.73 Ghz - 26606 -

    965 @ 4.33 Ghz - 21851 -


    8350 @ 4,628 Mhz - 6122 -

    965 @ 4,336 Mhz - 5873 -

    I am happy with the jump in performance and would do it again.
  3. No, i wouldn't bother upgrading your cpu. the x4 965be is quite good, i would invest in water cooling (if your case supports it) and overclocking it beastly 4ghz+. Then buy a ssd (if you don't already have one)

    Or you could buy the same gpu and dual it?? that would be better performance then upgrading the cpu.
    If you do upgrade how much would you sell the x4 965be for?? :)
  4. Now im a bit confused.So maybe buying an another 7850 would work better than upgrading my cpu?I already have water cooling(Corsair H80i) so i could oc it to 4 Ghz, but im worried that it will bottleneck my 2 hd7850s.Also im not sure my psu is up for the task(chieftec cft 600 14cs) and i dont want to buy a new one.

    Even if i would replace my cpu i wouldn't sell it cause i got a friend who wants it.:)

    Heres my full rig:
    ASUS M5 A97 R2.0
    Phenom II X4 965 3.4Ghz BE + Corsair H80i
    Sapphrie HD7850 1GB
    Samsung 1TB 7200 rpm
    CHIEFTEC CFT 600 14CS 600W
    +2x 200mm ; 1x 120mm case fan
  5. ops... forgot the ram. KINGSTON 8GB HyperX XMP Grey DDR3 1600MHz.
  6. What resolution are you playing at?
  7. 1920X1080. I might sell my 7850 1gb and get two that has 2gb in it,because im concerned that 1gb is not enough nowadays.
  8. You will be disappointed if you upgrade your CPU. You're actually getting pretty normal frame rates in the games you're playing with that GPU and those settings. You would benefit more from a graphics card upgrade. Better yet, save yourself some money and lower your settings a little bit. Games still look pretty great on high settings vs ultra. Let's just face it, you didn't get one of those ultra fast graphics cards that was meant to max out games like battlefield 3. Honestly, even the most expensive graphics cards have trouble maxing out some of the most demanding games. Don't worry about playing at max settings because the minor upgrade in graphics isn't worth how expensive it can be to have to upgrade every single time a new game comes out that you can't max out.

    By the way. If you want to get another 7850 for crossfire you can do it and will see pretty good performance in comparison to what you have now. Your PSU isn't great but it should still be enough to run those cards in crossfire.
  9. Get a single card like maybe HD7870XT and up rather than 2 cards.
  10. Yes, upgrade your gpu. I would be happy to buy your gpu off you ? :)
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